Replace InfoPath with PDF forms

Give more automation tools to your field workers. Reduce paperwork, increase efficiency by using digital forms and data submission in a real time or even offline.

Think about patients not paperwork. Convert old forms to PDF forms and say goodbye to clipboards not only to convey an image of a modern business but also save time and money.

Do you conduct patient health surveys out of the office? PDF Share Forms works on mobile devices allowing your field workers to send the information straight to SharePoint not wasting any time.

  1. Do you run a big construction project and looking for the best subcontractors? Distribute RFQ forms made in PDF Share forms in order to pull the information straight to SharePoint for the market analysis.
  2. Do you routinely conduct security, risk, damage and other types of assessments in the field? PDF Share Forms technology works on mobile devices both online and offline. Offline submission puts filled in forms in your e-mail`s outbox and sends them as soon as the Internet connection is back.
  3. Automate new staff training processes with PDF Share Forms. Create smart forms for product knowledge tests and health and safety test. Add workflows and approvals to get even more control.
  4. Sign contracts onsite using legally-binding electronic signatures.

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