Built-in PDF viewer

Built-in PDF form viewer enables users to view and fill in the forms right in the internet browser window regardless if you have Adobe reader installed or not. Supported internet browsers are: Intermet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari for MacOS. Viewer also support mobile version of browsers making it true cross platform.

Data sources

When you need to prepopulate your form with external data, like domain users list, SharePoint list data, or even information from database, you can do it. PDFSF IW supports external data sources, so you can integrate your business processes with Microsoft Project, Dynamic CRM, Oracle or almost any other business solution.

Export to Excel

Simple yet powerful feature – export to Excel. You can download all submitted form data with a single mouse click to Excel file and analyze received results using this popular business tool.

Form drafts

With this feature enabled you are not going to lose your progress if you cannot complete the form in one go. You can simply save an unfinished form as a draft, get a direct link to the form and get back to it later to complete. No longer you have to worry about re-doing the forms because something of a higher priority comes up and you have to drop everything and switch – just save a draft and finish it later!

Form Stages

Forms Stages functionality allows splitting the form lifecycle in several logical pieces and making certain parts of the form available only in a certain stages. For example an HR form that has two parts — one for a potential employee and one for the HR manager. When the form is opened for the first time it is set to Stage 1 and only the fields that are mean to be completed by the employee are available. When the form is submitted it is set to Stage 2 and all the fields that were filled in the first stage are locked to prevent changing the data.

Mobile support

PDF Share Forms Information Worker brings true cross-platforms experience. You can view and fill forms from your smartphone, laptop or tablet just the same way as you do on your computer. All you need is a browser on your mobile device. PDF Share Forms Information Worker supports iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.


PDF Share Forms Information Worker allows you to be productive even when you are offline. Save the form that you are going to use offline locally and you can fill it in and submit at any time. Email submission functionality keeps forms submitted offline in the Outbox of your email client and sends them to SharePoint when the Internet connection is restored. Ideal solution for field reports and surveys in areas with poor or non-existent Internet connection.

PDF Designer

PDF Share Forms Information Worker is bundled with PDF Designer. This visual editor allows to create or edit forms, add interactive elements such as fields, dropdowns, checkboxes, buttons, labels and many more. PDF Designer is used for mapping form fields to SharePoint columns, selecting data sources and form destinations. It allows to control form revisions, server-side or client-side built-in logic, form stages.

Workflow actions

Workflow actions allow to build new workflow or update existing once to support PDF form processing. Using actions you can read data inside the form fields, update form field contents from SharePoint columns, make calculations, create new form instances using deployed templates within workflow process. SharePoint Designer and Nintex Workflow are supported.