Bring efficiency to the next level

Don’t risk losing new business opportunities because of slow data capture and management. Start getting revenue with PDF Share Forms right now.

Think about patients not paperwork. Convert old forms to PDF forms and say goodbye to clipboards not only to convey an image of a modern business but also save time and money.

Do you conduct patient health surveys out of the office? PDF Share Forms works on mobile devices allowing your field workers to send the information straight to SharePoint not wasting any time.

  1. Streamline your customer communications. Offer new promotional deals and gather customer feedback using PDF Share Forms. Information pulled from interactive PDF forms to SharePoint columns is instantly available for research and marketing.
  2. Reduce operating costs by minimize paperwork within your business. Replace paper request forms and protocols with PDF forms and send them immediately for approval.
  3. Security and privacy is paramount in the financial industry. Use PDF Share Forms not only for you customer interactions but also for internal communication. PDF Share Forms allows designing forms that display only certain information for users with certain access levels.
  4. Save your and your clients time. Allow your customers to sign forms with legally-binding electronic signatures on mobiles devices.

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